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God is interested in your increase. This truth was exemplified in the life of Jesus; “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men” – Luke 2:52. Favour is the condition of being granted approval or good will. It is the spotlight of heaven shinning on you on to separate you from everyone else.

Favour was the key to the success of Jesus in life and ministry. For you to experience significant increase in life, you need the favour of both God and man. Every good thing you receive in life will certainly come from God through men.

Do you want God to bend over backwards to prosper and increase you? Would you like men, everywhere, to help you, support you and facilitate your progress in life without reservation? Then you need to learn to activate the release of favour from both God and Man.


This thought provoking series: 

 Reveals two truths about favour

 • Highlights two sources of favour

 Dispels two common misconceptions about favour

 • Identifies three keys that will activate the release of favour 

 • Examines the practical expression of favour in the lives of 17 biblical personalities. 

Two Message Series - Message Titles

• Understanding Favour

Activating the Release of Favour