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The kingdom of God is established on the principle of cause and effect. With God, nothing is random; and nothing just happens.


One of the things lacking in the lives of many believers today is the reality of the power of God. Any life devoid of the power of God is an ordinary life; and as a child of God, you are not called to live an ordinary life.


As a believer, everything in God’s kingdom is available to you – including the power of the kingdom. But you will not operate in that power unless you are prepared to apply the right keys.


Studying the life of Jesus, we observe that it is one thing to be led by the Holy Spirit; and it is another to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit.  What did Jesus do to transition from being Spirit-led to also walking in power? He fasted.


This series will unlock the secrets of the incredible power of fasting and prayer; and enable you to unleash the unstoppable power of God in your own life.


In this series, you will discover:

• How to engage the three powerful Christian disciplines – praying, fasting and giving

• Seven scriptural fasts that achieve outstanding results

• Three levels of preparation for fasting

• Seven examples from church history of people who obtained great results from fasting

• Ten keys to making the most of your fast

• Twelve benefits of fasting


Three Part  Message Series - Message Titles

• Fasting Today, Power Tomorrow

• What Happens When You Fast?

• Making The Most of Your Fast