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Laying the Foundation For A Prosperous Year - CD and DVD available

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God is calling us as His people to restore order into our lives. The blessings of God cannot flow where there is chaos, confusion and disorder. God’s first mandate for you is fruitfulness; however disorder is a major hindrance to fruitfulness.

God has set his mandate and is inviting us his earthly ambassadors to extend our arm of love for Him and have enough compassion for each other to seek and save those who are lost in this world i.e. the unbelievers of today.

Raising our capacity for compassion will make a significant difference to those around us who have not received Jesus into their lives because if we see them through the eyes of Jesus we will see past the things they do, but will see them for who they are.

In this series, Pastor Tayo shares practical principles that will enable you to live a prosperous year.



In This Series You Will Discover:

• Four keys to unlock the door to a prosperous year

• Nine areas to establish order

• Five benefits of priorities

• Five steps to establishing priorities



Four Part Message Series - Message Titles

• Put Your House In Order

• Establish Your Priorities

• Watch Your Habits

• Manage Your Relationships