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There is no doubt that God wants you to prosper – it is stated categorically in His Word. To prosper means to have continued success, to thrive, to grow, to be flourishing, to have wealth, to have good fortune and to have an expeditious journey. It is more than having plenty of money; but it certainly does include having plenty of money.


In this eye-opening series, Pastor Tayo contends that the single, most important factor in determining your financial well being is your attitude. Not your salary, not how hard you work, not how fervently you pray about money, not the financial miracles you will or will not experience … but your attitude.

He also examines the triangular relationship between your God, your money and you. He boldly tackles the vexed issue of tithing; and asks the pertinent question: ‘’whose money is it anyway?’’. And he exposes the limitations of money. Full of practical, down-to-earth insights, this series unshrouds the mysterious world of finance and uncovers some of the best secrets of the credit industry.


Also included in this Series: 

• Two types of credit card users.

• Two blunders associated with the use of credit cards.

• Five keys to using credit card wisely

• Twenty-five signs that you've lost financial control

• Five decisions to set you on the path to financial freedom

• Four Principles for regaining financial control. . .and more



Four Part Message Series - Message Titles

• First Things First

• We Need To Talk

• If You In A Hole, Stop Digging

• Whose Money Is It Anyway?