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Each year, messages from the New Wine Family Convention have been messages of healing, renewal and empowerment for families.


The Formidable Force of Agreement is an eye-opening family series, exploring the amazing potential of walking and working together in agreement as a family.


Furthermore, most people acknowledge that men and women are different.  But we have allowed this fact to become our weakness, when God intended it to be our strength.  Our awesome power of agreement can only be maximised when we understand and speak each other’s language.  This is dealt with extensively in the message specifically for men and the message specifically for women.


There are 6 messages in total; and each message is dedicated to specific members of the family.  One thing is certain – there is something for you.


Six Part Message Series - Message Titles

• Ready, Aim, Fire! - Equipping your children for the future (Message for Parents)

• Do You Speak 'Feminese'? (Message for Men)

Do You Speak 'Manglish'? (Message for Women)

• Touch And Agree - 1 (Message for Couples)

• Touch And Agree - 2 (Message for Couples)

• Cast Not Away Thy Confidence (Message for Singles)