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Did you know that just by wiggling your little finger, you affect the position of every single atom in the universe? Your life is the answer to somebody’s question – the solution to somebody’s problem. You were uniquely created by God to be a difference maker, a world changer and a person of influence. Influence is the effect that one person (or thing) has over another.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, every day of your life, you are influencing people. If your life, in any way, connects with other people, you are an influencer. When your life touches another, potentially that life is changed; potentially your both lives are changed;in fact, potentially the whole world is changed.

In the Seven Laws of Influence, Pastor Tayo lays the foundation for understanding the immense power at your disposal for doing good and achieving great things. He unpacks . . . 1. The Law of Intentionality 2. The Law of Access 3. The Law of Relationships 4. The Law of Credibility 5. The Law of Communication 6. The Law of Duality and 7. The Law of Stewardship.


In This Series You Will Discover:

• How to be intentional about your influence

• Five truths about doors

• How to transform obstacles into access points

• How building bridges can multiply your influence

• The connection between competence, character, consistency and influence

• How to remove the negative influence of others from your life

• Five keys to being a good steward of your influence . . . and much more!

Four Part Message Series - Message Titles

• My Influence is Irresistible

• No Access, No Influence

• It’s All About Credibility

• Use It Well; or Lose It