Sister Alice Runs Marathons!

People often tell me that I look well. I always respond by saying that it is all about God’s grace. In fact, it has nothing to do with me; but I believe that when you serve God, you are never worse off for it.

I started attending New Wine Church before it became a Church; at the time, it was a Bible study group called “Upper Room Fellowship”. Before then, I had been attending a traditional Nigerian Church, but I was hungry for more; I knew that I needed to have a personal relationship with God. The lady I lived with at the time invited me to the Upper Room Fellowship, and it was there that I became born again. I had been praying for a child for years, and soon after that, God blessed me with a son.

One day, I had to run down the road to catch up with the lady who was giving me a ride to Church. That short run was so difficult for me, that I decided to commit to a running programme to boost my fitness. From 5k and 10k races, I have now run several half marathons, four 16.2-mile races and four full marathons.

New Wine Church has really become my family. It has been priceless to be surrounded by such a warm, dependable family, with whom I feel God’s presence. I am now one of the oldest members of the Church, and I have participated in several charitable projects that the Church has done.

This year, I will run a half marathon as well as a marathon. I have started training, and this time, I am raising money to support two charitable causes:

  1. New Wine’s charitable work in Bulgaria: which is the legacy project for Pastor Michael Olawore. It is establishing a primary school, feeding programmes, skills and training centre, Church branches, and a Bible training centre.
  2. An orphanage in Ibadan, Nigeria: run by the lady who introduced me to New Wine Church.

Please support my race by donating to these worthy causes. I’ll return, elated from the finish line, to say a huge THANK YOU!