The School is being established as part of implementing the last two areas of New Wine International’s five-year (2014-2019) strategic vision given by Pastor Michael Olawore (1961-2018): 

  • Excel
  • Multiply
  • Overflowing Abundance
  • Divine Influence
  • Significance

There is an urgent need to redress Christian apathy to politics and significantly increase their political awareness, engagement and participation.  The current low level of Christians participating in the political arena has led to enactment of laws, many of which directly oppose the Christian doctrine thereby silencing the voice of Christianity and weakening Christian practice, not just in the UK, but globally. However, other religions are gaining ground and strategically increasing their political influence.  This is largely because most Christians are not well-informed and therefore completely disengaged from political and policy-making processes.

The New Wine School of Politics will produce a critical and growing mass of Christians active in the political arena, catalysts for mobilising other Christians to become engaged in political and policy-making processes and the voice of God to advocate for Christianity across the 7 Mountains of Culture.

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